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Meet Jeannette Avila

As a native of California, I am known for my laid back and chill vibes. So when you think of Cali Skin Girl, envision this relaxing, positive and safe space where my clients feel comfortable and happy. Yet, being laid back and chill does not take away from the quality of my work. As a perfectionist, I always try to achieve the best results! My clients will know me for my facial massages, but besides the comfort of my treatments I bring real results. I really think about the chemistry and science going on between your skin, your body, and the products you use. I take a very holistic approach when it comes to the skin. I am an open book, and I want my clients to pick at my brain! It is my job to help you and answer all your questions to keep your skin looking beautiful and vibrant! I have taken the time and continue to keep teaching myself more about skincare products, treatments, techniques and biology to benefit my clients. 


All my clients are beautiful and I am here just to enhance their natural beauty. I help to make sure that your foundation is strong, sturdy and healthy. So when they wake up in the morning to get ready, it feels effortless. I want everyone's skin to glow, their lashes to reach for the sky and their confidence to shine through. Email, call, or text me to find out more about my practice and the treatments I offer. 



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